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The Beginning

What was your inspiration?

We are both like minded guys (Ben and Nathan) with a motivation for positive change and wanted to make our contribution. We knew we wanted to do something that was good from the ground up, good for the environment, the people we work with, the community and of course it had to be an amazing product. We are both creative guys and knew we wanted to make something that would fit our philosophy and with an interest in distilled spirits we were off.

What was the problem you were trying to solve, or gap in the market that you identified?

We have family with dietary requirements and it always felt like someone was having to compromise either because of gluten, dairy, vegan or other choices and we thought why does it have to be like that, wouldn’t it be great if there was a product that was without compromises and so we started our journey to a gluten/dairy free, environmentally and vegan friendly vodka that is smooth and tastes amazing. A spirit without compromise.

How did you decide on your name/branding – and what does the volcano reference have to do with what you’re producing?

We have gone through great lengths to create a sustainable product that has a pure heart and strong tie to the earth. Volcanoes have forged the landscape of New Zealand and are seen as the purifying force of mother nature, for us we use volcanic rock as a key component in how we produce our product. We see the symbol of the volcano as a nod to New Zealand’s fierce strength and soft beauty.

The Process

How do you make your vodka?

Burnt Hill’s base is made from pure sugarcane sourced sustainably and distilled a total of 8 times in a column reflux still by our master distiller. We then add our fresh New Zealand spring water, we finish our vodka with every drop passing through a unique crushed volcanic rock filter.

How do you keep your vodka as pure and natural as possible? How do you source sustainable ingredients?

We only use pure ingredients in our Vodka so we don’t have anything to mask with additives, but our commitment goes deeper than that, we also make sure our ingredients are not stored in plastics before or after production. We chose sugarcane for many reasons, one of them being how sustainable the process of growing sugarcane is and also how waste from the growing/harvesting process is further utilised, what isn’t turned into raw sugarcane is used for home insulation and biodegradable plastics.

Although we can never say that alcohol is a health product, what are the benefits of drinking a naturally made product like yours?

Volcanic filtration is known for its abundance of minerals and there are zero additives in our vodka, it is as pure as it gets so you can be confident you are drinking some of the best ingredients on offer and supporting a sustainable process from start to finish. Everything that can be in our packaging is biodegradable or recyclable apart from the seal around the glass stopper.


How often should people enjoy a Burnt Hill vodka?

Consumed responsibly and enjoyed with great company!

What are you doing now, and what might you plan to do in the future, to maintain an eco approach to distilling vodka?

Our whole process is built from the ground up to be circular, that is what comes out of the environment should be returned to the environment in a suitable form and we keep this at the core of our business decisions, even down to what paper and ink we use in our packaging.

We will always search for ways to innovate and choose sustainable products over others that may be more convenient, it's who we are.

What do people say/observe when they taste your product for the first time? What feedback do you get?

We love it when someone new tries our vodka and the common response is ‘wow it is so smooth!’ usually accompanied by a pleasantly surprised look on their face.